Welcome to the Rainbow Cafe


Our cafe provides excellent range of hot and cold food and drinks ranging from jacket potatoes , panini and salads to chicken nuggets and chips and healthy eating lunchboxes.

We have adults and children’s menus

We have healthy eating options

Order at the cafe, food is brought to the tables

We have tables and chairs in both soft play area and main cafe areas

Get away from it all in the main cafe area. providing sofas, pool table,  free wi-fi and free newspapers


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Cafe Menu

Adult menu


Hot jacket potatoes

Jacket potato with cheese: £3.50

Jacket potato with cheese and beans: £4.00

Jacket potato with tuna mayo: £4.50


Paninis & Sandwiches

Cheese Panini: £3.50

Cheese and tomato panini: £3.75

Cheese and ham panini: £4.75

Tuna and cheese melt panini: £4.75

Cheese toasted Sandwich: £2.50

Cheese and tomato toasted sandwich: £2.75

Tuna mayo toasted sandwich: £3.00

Cheese and ham toasted sandwich: £3.50

Tuna and cheese melt toasted sandwich: £3.50

Cold sandwiches: Fillings: cheese, tuna, ham, jam and cream cheese: £2.50



chicken nuggets and chips: £3.75

Baked beans on toast: £2.50

Scrambled Egg on Toast £2.50



cheesy chips: £1.50

Cone of chips: £1

Toasted tea cake: £1.50

Pot of Jam: 25p


Children’s menu

Chicken nuggets and chips £3.50

Veggie burger and chips: £3.50

Fish fingers and chips: £3.50

Pizza and chips: £3.50

Lunch boxes: £3.50

Portion of Chips: £1.00

(children can order half portions of any item on the adults menu for half of the listed price excluding panini’s)


Hot drinks

Tea £1.20

Decaf tea £1.50

Speciality teas £1.50

Instant coffee £1.20

Instant decaf coffee £1.60

Bean coffee £1.60

Hot chocolate £1.60

Hot chocolate, marshmallows and cream £2.20

Cappuccino £1.80

Mocha £2.00

Latte £2.00


Cold drinks

Carton of juice: £0.70

Fruit shoot: £1

Water: £1

Still drinks: £1.50

Fizzy drinks: £1.50

Small milkshake: £1.00

Large milkshake: £1.50